Program for College/University Students

GCP has two different cultural exchange programs for undergraduates. One is for students to participate in Job Shadowing for a duration of two, three, or six weeks. The second program is designed so that students take part in interactive activities called "Living World Englishes" which is three weeks in duration. GCP provides the students with appropriate housing as well as relevant business, non-profit, educational, or cultural sites to observe and report on. An important part of the learning experience is to live as a family member with a host family and to travel to and from sites by public transportation. Each program is described in detail below.

1. Cross-Cultural Exchange Program:
Professional Experience in World Englishes (Job Shadowing )
Students in this program are placed in educational institutions, non-profit organizations, or local businesses. The duration of these programs vary. Some are for two weeks, some for three weeks and some are for six weeks. The objectives are to a) observe the daily workflow; b) gain cross cultural communication skills in diverse environments; c) learn about connecting with local organizations and offices for effective results; d) gain personal growth and professional skills for a future career; and e) be involved in meaningful activities which contribute to the success of the organization. Students spend 20 hours a week at the job shadowing site and make weekly written reports to the Academic Supervisor about their responsibilities. They also meet once a week with the Academic Supervisor and the other members of their job-shadowing cohort where verbal reports are make. A positive evaluation from the Person In Charge (P.I.C.) at the job shadowing site must be received by the Academic Supervisor and a final written report made by the student before a Certificate of Completion can be awarded.

2. Cross-Cultural Exchange Program: Living World Englishes
This program has both 'in class' and 'out of class' activities. The in-class sessions are devoted to a continued discussion of the principles behind the concept of world Englishes (WE) and the role of English in cross-cultural communication. The out of class activities are designed to move the students from the principles of WE to its practice. They are intensive experiential activities, demanding interaction in English with the local Hawaii population as well as international visitors. While becoming more proficient using English as an International Language (EIL), the students will grow in their understanding of American English and other varieties of English being used in Hawaii by residents and visitors. Students will make reports on these activities in person, by phone and e-mail. They will also maintain a record portfolio of these activities for their Academic Supervisor. Each student is required to: a) make daily cultural observations as a member of a team and file a report; b) complete 50 short interviews in English with people whose mother-tongue is not English; c) read 100-150 pages of a piece of literature written in English by a non- mother-tongue English user; and d) actively contribute to the completion of a team research project related to diversity management in Hawaii. Each person must make a final oral presentation before receiving a Certificate of Completion.

Other courses (One-week programs)

Each year we will choose a few of these problems to be objects or our research and study. We will sponsor training activities to help those who are dealing with these critical issues to be more successful.

  • Leadership Program for business people
  • Parent-children Cross-cultural Program
  • World Englishes in World Education

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